A Review of The Book Nook (Lenox Library)


18 Main Street Lenox, MA

This bookshop review is a little different because The Book Nook in Lenox, MA is actually part of the town library, a little alcove just inside by the front desk. But what it lacks in size, it greatly makes up for in quality and value. I happened upon it while attending the annual Lenox Apple Squeeze, just a few minutes after purchasing a taco-in-a-bag, munching away and halting in my tracks when I saw the Book Sale sign. For anyone who knows me, you understand my feelings of exalted joy. 

Lenox itself is a gorgeous little town and their library is nothing to sneeze at. It’s in a beautiful old building in the center of town, surrounded by stunning homes and quaint shops, including The Bookshop and Get Lit Wine Bar, which is also worth a visit. But if you happen to pass by the library, please do go inside and grab some super values in their book nook.


I found Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain like new for $2. That’s a steal! They has a little bit of everything mixed in, including a bunch of classics like Catch-22, Fahrenheit 451, Don Quixote, 1984, Wicked, and more. All in top shape, all just a couple of dollars, and all the money goes directly to support the library’s efforts to run all kinds of programs for the community.

Again, it’s not large, but if you’re passing through the area, why not drop in, save yourself a TON of money, and stock up on some bestsellers!    

Atmosphere — It’s just one alcove in a large and beautiful library, but you’re going to find a book you’ve wanted for a long time, I promise.

Quality — Excellent quality.

Quantity ­­— Small, just a few bookcases.

Diversity — They had just a bit of everything: poetry, fiction, mystery, children’s YA, bios, new bestsellers, etc.


Affordability — VERY affordable, just a couple of dollars each, or less!

Amenities — Enjoy all the comforts of a beautiful library with chairs, computers, and so on. Plus the town has a bunch of shops and cafes, perfect for post-browse relaxation.

Location — Right in the middle of Lenox out in western Massachusetts, a gorgeous town a little less than an hour from Albany, NY.

Customer Service — The librarians were polite and happy to help!

Overall — This little nook provide excellent value and if you’re already passing through town, I highly recommend stopping in to browse and buy a book or ten.