Once a whisper of a rumor that grew into an idea circulating over at Hobo Camp Review, Alpine Ghost Press recently made it’s first corporeal appearance with the release of HCR: Ten Year Anniversary Issue, with more books, chapbooks, and anthologies to follow. At the moment, AGP functions by invite only, but this may change. For now any queries may be directed toward jamesnyduncan [at] gmail [dot] com.


Hobo Camp Review: 10 Year Anniversary Anthology

This anthology features poems and stories from the first ten years of Hobo Camp Review, spanning 2009-2019, and will include works from such writers as Rachel Nix, David M Morton, Ally Malinenko, Bud Smith, Jason Ryberg, Kate Garrett, Sam Slaughter, Anney E.J. Ryan, April Michelle Bratten, Tobi and Jeff Alfier, Kevin Ridgeway, Knar Gavin, L.L. Jacobson, Rob Plath, and many others. Proceeds will go to a food pantry in upstate New York. Release Date: TBD. More details coming soon!