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Two Poems in the 2017 BONED Anthology


BONED Every Which Way 2017 is an anthology of the poems that appeared at the BONED online magazine over the course of the year, and the new paperback edition includes two of my poems, "Dry Tide" and "Going Ghost." The first poem, "Dry Tide," first appeared in my mini-chapbook The Darkest Bomb from the Lantern Lit, Vol. 1 collection, which is also available online. The second, "Going Ghost," takes me back to my days in Berlin, Germany almost eight years ago. Feels like yesterday. Anyway, the collection is full of great poets, including Mikey Sivak, Wanda Marrow Clevenger, Susie Sweetland Garay, RM Engelhardt, Matthew Borczon, Mat Gould, and others. The anthology is also edited by Nate Ragolia, who is a fine poet himself. I hope you are able to pick up a copy, it's pretty darn affordable at just under $12. Enjoy!   

Lantern Lit, Vol. 1 Archived at the University of Buffalo

Fellow poet John Dorsey passed on some great news this weekend, saying Lantern Lit, Vol. 1, which contains my mini-chapbook of poetry 'The Darkest Bomb,' will be archived at the University of Buffalo. The book also appears in the stacks at my alma mater, Southern Vermont College, but to have a book in the university system in my home state is awesome news. John also says that the book will be part of Hugo House's April Book Expo, so if you're up in Seattle after March 29, be sure to check it out. And if you still want a copy or are interested in the other books released by Dog On A Chain Press, please visit their website, Thanks for the support!   

What Lies In Wait, a New Review, and Other Updates!

What Lies In Wait, a New Review, and Other Updates!

I have so many new writing updates that I'll present them to you in lightning-round format. Ready? Let's go!

1. What Lies In Wait will be the title of my upcoming collection of short stories, and I'm aiming for a mid-2015 release. I'm extremely happy that all fifteen stories are now finished, or finished enough for beta readers to finally give them a look. There's still tweaking and proofing to do, but the final lineup is set and it feels like a relief. All fifteen tales share elements of apprehension, fear, and a challenge to face, whether it's something out there in the dark or something within that must be put down. Half are straight-up horror, while others blend mystery, noir, and survival tropes into tales that fall between literary and genre-driven stories. I'm looking forward to feedback, and I'm always open to new test readers! 

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The Cards We Keep, Others Now in Everett Library

The gorgeous Everett Mansion of Southern Vermont College (library wing is on the left).

The gorgeous Everett Mansion of Southern Vermont College (library wing is on the left).

Last month I dropped off four of my books at my alma mater, Southern Vermont College, for inclusion in the Everett Mansion Library. The mansion houses the classrooms, admin offices, theater, and library for the SVC campus, and I'm really excited about having my work placed there. The library is a beautiful corner of the mansion with brightly lit reading rooms, a large fireplace, and now four of my own books, including:

  • The Cards We Keep (2013, short fiction)
  • Dealing with the Devil in the Middle of the Road (2012, poetry)
  • Lantern Lit, Vol. 1 - The Darkest Bomb (2014, poetry)
  • Maybe a Bird Will Sing (2009, poetry)

If you happen to be in southern Vermont - Bennington specifically - feel free to drop int! The campus has amazing views of Bennington and the surrounding area. It's worth checking out!

Poem of the Week - The Bicycle Review

My poem "Seasick on 46th" now appears as the 'Poem of the Week' at The Bicycle Review. It's a huge honor as they've featured quite a lot of poets I admire and read. The poem also appears in my section of Lantern Lit, Vol. 1, a split-author chapbook of poetry that also features Mat Gould and John Dorsey from Dog On A Chain Press. Copies are still available at the publishers website (he even has copies that all three authors have signed!), and I think "Seasick on 46th" offers a great sample of what you can find inside. Take a look at "Seasick…" if you get the chance. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for all of your support!

Lantern Lit, Vol. 1 Now Available at Powell's Books

Lantern Lit, Vol. 1, which features my mini-chapbook "The Darkest Bomb," as well as the poetry of John Dorsey and Mat Gould, is now available at Powell's Books in Portland, OR. If you're in PDX, stop in and ask for it. If not, you can order it via their website. The book is also available in Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago, IL and Kulcher: Text, Art, and News in Cleveland, OH. And it's always available via the publisher, Dog On A Chain Press. Thanks for all of your support!!

** Update: It seems the book already sold out at Powell's. Granted there weren't a ton of copies, but still, that's great. The Publisher is planning to send more, but in the meanwhile you can still order the book from the publisher (link above) or try the other stores listed. Thanks! **