A Review of Everyone's Books


25 Elliot Street, Brattleboro, VT

This shop bills itself as “Everyone’s Books – For Social Justice and the Earth,” and that should tell you everything you need to know about its unique take on bookselling and the role it plays in the Brattleboro community. More than any other shop in the southern Vermont area, Everyone’s Books has made a name for itself as a progressive, enlightened, and open-minded bastion for those interested in the literary, political, and philanthropic aspects of life.

Everyone’s is situated in downtown Brattleboro near a few other booksellers, but each shop is unique enough that they don’t step on each others’ toes and they compliment each other quite well. Everyone’s offers the best selection of new books, recent bestsellers, and plenty of titles that discuss current political and social movements. There are sections for unrepresented writers from the POC, LGBTQ+, and resistance-related communities, but you’ll also find your usual assortment of classic texts, Children’s books, and nonfiction mainstays, with section for biographies, food, music, philosophy, and regional books on Vermont and New England, among many others. And for fiction you’ll find a typical array of literary, sci-fi/fantasy, plays, and so on.


The shop has a sitting area with a few chairs, lots of activist stickers, shirts, gifts, trinkets, a section for calendars, and a discounted table in the middle of the store. They also have a section of books wherein a portion of the profits go to help support local charities or international organizations to help those in marginalized or threatened communities. It’s a very cool offering that I don’t see that in many shops. It’s the kind of bookstore that isn’t just interested in selling books, to also in enlightening the community and providing unique resources to make the world a better place. What a great reason to browse and buy some books! They’re well worth a visit when you’re in the area.     

Atmosphere — A lively and progressive bookshop dedicated to activism, resistance, and all things literary. You’ll find stickers, posters, and forward-thinking paraphernalia all over the shop.

Quality — The books are all in excellent shape and offer a lot of unique voices.

Quantity ­­— It’s a nice sized shop with plenty to browse through, and they have a lot of extras beyond just books.


Diversity — There’s a great range here, and while they may have smaller sections of things like true crime or horror, they make up for it with more books focusing on current social and political movements, historically marginalized voices, and progressive thinkers.

Affordability — There’s a discount section, so you may find a fix of typically priced and those that are easier on the wallet.

Amenities — They have stuffed chairs, gifts, charitable opportunities, and it looks like they information on community resources and regional organizations. It looks like the place to go to find out how to get involved in the Brattleboro area!

Location — Right in downtown Brattleboro, just a little down Elliot Street, right across from Brattleboro Books.

Customer Service — The staff seemed busy but pleasant, and there were a few of them around.

Overall — This colorful shop offers a wide array of voices and opportunities to learn about progressive movements and charities, making it not just a literary beacon of the community, but a social and political “one stop shop” for Brattleboro citizens. Well worth checking out!