A Review of The Spotty Dog Books & Ale


440 Warren Street, Hudson, NY

A good beer and a good book go together so well, but it’s not very often you see them sold together. The Spotty Dog does just that, but they don’t stop there. This bookshop bar combo also sells art supplies, holds incredible readings by writers and poets from all over the map, and they have an incredible selection of books by bestsellers and indie authors alike, making The Spotty Dog a tough shop to beat.

Located in the middle of the re-surging downtown of Hudson, NY, surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops, chic hotels, antique shops, and an influx of new residents from NYC and beyond, The Spotty Dog has everything a bookseller needs to become the literary pillar of the community, and they’re doing it with style. The shop has your typical array of fiction genres and nonfiction staples, but they also have a lot of socially-progressive titles, graphic novels, art and music books, feminist and resistance-oriented texts, indie chapbooks and novels, and more. They also have gifts, shirts, bags, toys, a section for children and YA readers, and of course an area in the rear full of art supplies for illustrators and painters.


And the bar. Don’t forget the bar just inside the front door. It appeared that many of the beer and wine offerings were local and regional, and having a bar really makes all the events they throw so much more fun. The aisles are movable so they can create a lot of space for readings, signings, musical and political events, etc. They have a lot going on and it’s just a fun place to be. I didn’t see much in the way of discounted titles, which was too bad, but other than that this shop has everything you’d want. Stop in, have a beer, and browse to your heart’s content.   

Atmosphere — A colorful, fun space that has the feel of a Brooklyn bookshop, with beer, wine, art supplies, events, etc. It’s hard to not spend more time than you expected looking around The Spotty Dog.

Quality — The books are all new and in great quality.

Quantity ­­— Realistically, the space isn’t huge, but they really pack in the books and they have plenty to sort through.

Diversity — They cover all the major bases, with a great selection of progressive titles you might not find in a more traditional shop, with authors of all orientations, backgrounds, and styles.

Affordability — I didn’t see much in the way of discounted or used books, so you’ll be paying usual bookshop prices.


Amenities — They have beer! Stools and comfy chairs! Art supplies! What don’t they have?! 

Location — Right in the heart of Hudson, NY, which has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. It’s a fun town and Warren Street has a lot to offer on a sunny afternoon. 

Customer Service — The staff seemed busy but polite.

Overall — For new books, different voices, good beer, and great events, this shop is the one for you. People drive from all over just to browse, and I recommend you do the same.