Giveaway: What Lies In Wait, Special Digital Edition

To celebrate Independence Day, I'm giving away FREE digital copies of a special edition of What Lies In Wait from now to the end of the day on July 5. The ebook is available as a PDF, EPUB, or MOBI file, and to get one all you need to do is email me at, leave a comment below, or message me on Facebook and I will reach out with the free file. It contains 114 pages of fiction, including the first three stories that appear in the full version of What Lies In Wait:

"Game of Life": A young woman decided to spend a summer in a remote fire tower, reveling in her isolation and determined to prove she can overcome such a challenge. But when her radio stops working and the weekly supply drops stop appearing at the foot of the mountain, she worries that something is wrong. When she convinces herself to walk back into town, she finds barren streets, abandoned homes, and a fate worse than total isolation.

"Hell or High Water": Deep in the woods of Maine, a lumberjack receives word that his family is dead, all but his young son. While catching a ride home from an outback pilot, the lumberjack wakes from a crash landing to discover he is trapped in the remote wilderness. What's worse, something out in the darkness is following him, and it's hungry.

"Bannerman Sanatorium for Children": A violent pandemic is sweeping the region, and one mother fights to reach the remote sanatorium where her deaf-mute child receives special care. But when she arrives, she finds the pandemic has not spared the sanatorium's staff and patients, and she is torn between staying in the eerie, perhaps haunted facility to help or escape into the woods with a band of survivors.      

The full version of the book is available at, and don't forget to look the book up on Goodreads. Your reviews and ratings help a lot! Thanks very much for your support! 

Six to the End (from the pages of Berlin)

My new poetry chapbook Berlin (from Maverick Duck Press) is flying out the door, and I thought I'd throw up a sample poem for anyone who would like to see what the chap is all about. The poems were all written during a week in Berlin, Germany in 2010 and contain plenty of noir sentiments: streelamps, trains, sidewalks, corner cafes, nighttime skylines, hotel ghosts, and more. You can order copies for $6 via the publisher or by emailing me at If you already own a copy, you can leave a review and rating at Thanks!


Six to the End

out go the lights

six to the end like empty chambers

of a smoking gun dead


broken heels running in the night

up the wet street, up the wet sky

blonde hair gracing the face of the moon


every dream has a hole

and every hole pours red hope

into pools of abrupt sermon songs


there isn’t a street without a crack

and there isn’t woman without a spine

to hold up her coat, or feathered summation


the women, they reload quick

and then men, they hurry for knives

every villain eager for a hero

every heart beaten to a pulp


and the empty shells slip from the gun

clatter onto the glass table

roll across Venetian blinds like mice


in the alleys there are tigers

in Macau there are fires

in morgues there are long dreams of masculine fear


all down the potter’s lane, cemeteries in a row

six to the end like waiting chambers

six to the end like autumn lovers gone

The Cards We Keep - Signed Copies Available

Signed copies of my short story collection The Cards We Keep will soon be available again! The book includes ten stories of down-and-out private detectives, bounty hunters on the run, disgraced celebrities, crumbling marriages, and boxcar hobos heading for the end of the line in search of love, redemption, and maybe just a little peace in this crazy world. Author Bud Smith recently said the books contains "wonderfully written short stories that take on a wide variety of genres, purposefully, and carries them through to succession with some sharp writing, interesting characters, and non-formulaic plotting." (See the full review at the link.) There are also a growing number of great reviews over at Goodreads. If there are any presses or magazines that would like to review the book, I have free PDFs and e-reader files I can send along. Just shoot me an email at for details. Thanks for all of your support!