Coming Soon: We Are All Terminal But This Exit Is Mine


My new book of poetry, We Are All Terminal But This Exit Is Mine, is almost here! Bud Smith and Devin Kelly at Unknown Press have been putting in a lot of work to help shape these poems into what I feel is my best collection ever, and I’m excited that the book will likely hit sometime close to Halloween, if all goes well. Considering the poems we assembled, it’s perfect timing.

Autumn and October in particular loom large in the nostalgic landscape of my childhood, which is explored in these poems. There are some fun and happy Halloween poems in there, and some darker memories brought to light as well. Half the poems are about growing up in a rural trailer park as a bookworm struggling to find my way, wondering about the expectations and promises of adulthood. The other poems are about going through cancer treatments and unemployment as an adult and looking back on all those old expectations and feeling disillusionment and fear, but also feeling comfort whenever I reminisce about those memories as a kid. At the time they felt like some pretty tough struggles, but things look different when you’re hooked up to an IV in a ward full of bald children or fainting on subways on the way home from hospitals. Those childhood memories become enlightening little episodes and start to feel like the exits you take from highway's life in order to get home again. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them.           

This collection has been in the works for a few years, going through a couple presses, but I’m incredibly happy that Unknown Press took up the torch and helped bring this thing to life. In the coming weeks I’ll reveal the cover, a more specific release date, and I’m going to try to line up some readings and release parties. If you know if anyplace I can reach out to for a reading, whether it’s a feature, joining a bill of other writers, or just hitting an open mic, please let me know! And free review copies will be available, of course.

Thanks very much for all the support. This book means the world to me and I can’t wait to share it with you.