Four Novels Down, a Bunch More to Go...

The hustle has been continuous for almost a decade now. In that time I’ve published a handful of poetry chapbooks and two collections of short stories (mostly genre-themed work) but I’ve also finished four unpublished novels (with three others drafted or outlined). While I put the final touches on two new poetry chapbooks and a collection of flash fiction I’m hoping to have available over the next year, these four “finished” novels are making the rounds with agents and small presses. No luck yet, but I’m keeping the faith.  

Reaper City – A noir mystery with undercurrents of dystopia and Lovecraftian horror. A man discovers a connection between his neighbor's disappearance and an occult-obsessed criminal weaving his influence into an already corrupt city using dark, otherwordly powers summoned from dimensions unknown.  

Beacon – An ensemble novel in the vein of Cannery Row and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, exploring the intersecting lives of those living in Beacon, NY, a revitalized mill town turned artist enclave on the banks of the Hudson River.

The Girl in the Mountain – A fictionalized account of a real series of disappearances that took place in a Vermont college town in the Green Mountains during 1945. Sort of like Humphrey Bogart meets Twin Peaks.   

Henrietta Vs. The End of the World – YA/Middle-Reader novel about a young girl who believes she’s a knight in shining armor who is bent on protecting her neighborhood from what she believes to be an “evil dragon", but only ends up in continual trouble with her beleaguered mother.

I’ve been incredibly self-conscious about the title of The Girl in the Mountain because there has been a rash of “The Girl…” novels lately, most notably Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, but the title fits quite well with the theme of the mystery, as the the young people involved in this true crime seemed to have just vanished "into the mountain", and for now I'm hoping to keep it, despite the likelihood of the trend becoming tiresome.

Anyway, I’m always interested in feedback or advice, and if you believe you may know of any press, agent, or publisher interested in anything described, please do let me know. Thanks!